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This week, 16th – 22nd May, is the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Dementia Action Week’ and in support of this and the work that we do supporting people who suffer this condition, we wanted to highlight the supplementary training we have available to all of our staff, which can be completed free of charge.

There are dementia related training courses available (in addition to those which are mandatory for all staff), within our internal ‘OptimoConnect’ communications App and there are details of other available courses, which can be found by checking out the jobs and training tabs on our website too…  We’ve invited all of our staff to check out and register for some additional courses, in further support of the often crucial work that they do, caring for our service users and of this important cause!

This year’s ‘Dementia Action Week’ focuses on diagnosis, please see the links below for more information about dementia, the fantastic work that the Alzheimer’s Society do, this week’s focus week and if you’re a staff member, please do check out our ‘OptimoConnect’ App and the jobs/training tab on our website, for details of courses available:

Why not help the ‘Alzheimer’s Society’ spread the word? It’s not called getting old, it’s called getting ill! People can also find help and support with diagnosis and other information about dementia through the Alzheimer’s Society link

The Alzheimer’s Society say that they and 91% of people affected by dementia, believe it’s better to know…

Elaine Bradley-Smith

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