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Introductory Service

Our introductory service continues to be a popular and more cost effective option if you prefer to manage your own care and just need a hand to source a suitable care worker or team. 

This option assumes you will manage your care and requirements directly with our recommended self employed Personal Assistant (PA) and Care With Choices acts as an introducer only. 

We have a growing bank of registered self employed PA’s who are ready and skilled to support you with blocks of time each week or with live in care services. 

We will match your needs and preferences with a suitable, fully referenced and DBS checked registered worker. We then shortlist who we think is suitable, introduce them to you for a chat and if you are both happy to proceed, agree terms and conditions and a start date and the service can commence. See our terms and conditions for more details on this option including our payment and remuneration terms.  

We discuss and assess your requirements and match you with one of our team. Contact us now for further information, or see below for the types of services we offer and some FAQs.


What is an introductory service?

An introductory service is where Care with Choices will act as an introductory agency only. We would initially review your care needs and preferences with you and then match you with a self employed PA based on your needs, preferences and shared interests.

Care with Choices will interview the self employed candidates, complete DBS and background checks as well as seeking references for the candidate.

We will offer care certificate training to those candidates who do not already have this. Care certificate training covers the main aspects of care such as; safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, medication administration, emergency first aid, infection control, health and safety, fire safety, food safety & nutrition and moving and handling.

You will pay our invoice via our online portal.We ask that payments are made on receipt of the weekly invoice. Your contract will be between you and the PA as you are employing them and they will take care of their own tax affairs.

We recommend that our clients choose two care workers as this will provide the client with as much continuity as possible, for example, if you have two care workers you could discuss a rotation with them where by care worker A works week 1 and week 2 and care worker B works week 3 and week 4 this will provide you some continuity however this is completely your choice.

What if they become ill, take holidays or leave?

Although you will be appointing the PA directly, we will always endeavour to source a suitable replacement should you require this. We would discuss with you any costs or timeframe implications with you first. We would recommend that you agree holiday periods with the PA at the onset of the care agreement and agreed leave can be considered with a second PA or your own arrangements.

What is the difference between managed live in care and introductory live in care?

In regards to managed care we would employ the live in care worker which includes interviewing them, completing their DBS, background checks and seeking references for the candidate. We would also do this for introductory live-in care although we would not employ the live-in care worker, instead you would contract with the PA directly.

Care with choices would pay the employed live-in care worker and manage their tax affairs whereas you would pay the self-employed live-in PA via our online portal on receipt of the weekly invoices.

As managed live-in care is a regulated service the registered manager and care coordinator would regularly do face to face visits whereby they would review the current level of care and support, seek feedback, answer any questions and queries, update the support plan, audit the MAR chart and journal books.

Whereas with the introductory service this is a non-regulated service and you would take full responsibility for your own care and Care with Choices would only act as an introductory agency and provide you with the self-employed PA.

What are the advantages of live-in care?

Specialist care at home is a very positive solution that enables a client to remain at home and to receive flexible levels of care, which is personal to their needs. Care in your own home and on your own terms has many benefits:

  • Remaining within one’s community
  • Staying together as a couple
  • 24/7 care in your own home
  • Home cooked meals
  • Continuing to make important lifestyle choices
  • Independence to remain in one’s own home and in familiar surroundings
  • Pets, possessions and property retained
  • Peace of mind for relatives
  • Specialist care provision for all age related needs
  • Individual needs attended to with tailored, one-to-one care

What conditions do you care for?

We have a range of experienced live-in care workers who are able to care for you or your loved ones. Our care workers specialise in caring for those with:

  • Dementia
  • Alzehmier’s
  • Stroke
  • COPD
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Motor neurone disease
  • Post-operative care
  • Multiple sclerosis

At Care with choices we realise that everybody is different and has varying needs. That is why we train our care workers to cope with the many varied physical and mental health conditions that exist.

If you have any queries, please call our friendly team on 0330 056 4007 to discuss your needs.

What do self-employed live-in care PA's do?

Our experienced live-in care workers are able to support you or your loved ones with:

  • Personal care
  • Continence care
  • Medication management
  • Shopping 
  • Meal preparation
  • Housework such as; laundry
  • Home administration
  • Companionship
  • Assisting with pets

Will the self-employed care PA's get up during the night?

Yes, the self-employed care workers are able to support you during the night up to a maximum of two times totalling 1 hour. If your night needs were to exceed this you would need to consider employing a second self-employed care worker who will be available during the night.

What does 24 hour care mean?

24 hour care means that you will have a live-in care worker available if you need them. Our live in care workers can work a maximum of 8 hours in a 24 hour period this means that their working time would be anything such as; supporting with personal care, light household duties, meal preparation, supporting their client to appointments etc.

Can self-employed care workers help with my exercises?

Yes, our care workers can help with any prescribed exercises from your physiotherapist.

Can my self-employed care worker have a TV monitor in their room at night?

Based on your needs we can arrange for our care workers to have a TV monitor in their room at night.

Does my self-employed care worker need a day off at the weekend?

We ask that all our self-employed care workers have a minimum of 14 hours worth of breaks per week, this can be divided over 7 days or fewer days if you prefer. We would advise that you work out a suitable timetable and agreement with your self employed care worker.

If I have a self-employed care worker do I need a cleaner?

Our care workers can do light household duties such as hoovering and laundry.

Do self-employed care workers need to have a television in their room and internet access in the house?

We don’t require you to provide a TV in the care workers bedroom. Although, we ask that the care worker is provided with a private bedroom, single bed, chest of drawers and internet access so that they are able to access our app.

Do you provide care for couples?

Yes, our self-employed care workers are able to provide care for couples depending on their individual needs.

How long will my self-employed care worker stay for?

It depends on your preferences and needs but as you are the employer this would be for you to discuss with the self-employed care worker.

Can I choose a different self-employed care worker if we don’t get along with each other?

Yes, we understand that sometimes people aren’t compatible. Our team is happy to discuss replacing the PA should the two parties be incompatible.

Are you looking for care or support?

Good company to work for, very professional & supportive

Everything is good, I love the job and office are very supportive, there when you need them.

Everything is going very well, I'm happy with my job, finding the managers very helpful and approachable and other staff good to work with.

Loving my job, getting used to it all now. Staff are all very helpful and friendly too.

Very satisfied with the care for my Mum, she is treated with dignity and respect. They have kept Mum safe, always wearing PPE before entry during this pandemic.

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